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Whp is your favorite Code Lyoko character? 

18 deviants said Odd Della Robbia
17 deviants said Aelita Schaeffer
13 deviants said Yumi Ishiyama
10 deviants said Ulrich Stern
6 deviants said Jeremie Belpois
6 deviants said William Dunbar
4 deviants said Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas
2 deviants said XANA
1 deviant said Jim Morales


Kingdom Hearts - Last Chance Summer Dance by rev-rizeup
Kingdom Hearts - Last Chance Summer Dance
Wow! It's amazing to see how much one song can lift up your spirits, especially if it means trying to learn the tin whistle as well... lol. And in this case, that is exactly what happens each time I hear the song "Nigiyaka Na Machi" (A Busy Street in English), straight from the Fairy Tail soundtrack. :)

It wasn't until a week ago though that I happened to notice a model of Naminé made by VirtuousNamine, that had a very similar resemblance to none other than Ms. Lucy Heartfilia. With that in mind, I decided to incorporate both the fact that summer has reached it's untimely end, as well play on the idea of The Usual Spot sharing a similar feel to the Fairy Tail guild hall. This piece took quite a bit of effort to create, seeing as how I had one model keep glitching and causing MMDAI2 to shut down on me.

And so, without further ado, here are the young Keyblade heroines joining in the rhythm and sound of "Nigiyaka Na Machi" played by the boys in the background in a piece I like to title, "Last Chance Summer Dance." To add a bit more to the ambience of this piece, I would recommend playing the song from YouTube in it's extended version. ;)

Enjoy! Comment on what you think.

Note: I do not own any of the characters or settings affiliated with Kingdom Hearts or Disney in any way, shape, or form. Nor do I own any of these models created from MMD. Kingdom Hearts appears courtesy of Square Enix Productions and Walt Disney Studios and is a creation of Tetsuya Nomura. I also do not own Fairy Tail or any characters or music associated with the manga/anime. The Fairy Tail manga is a creation of Hiro Mashima and appears courtesy of Kodansha, while the anime appears courtesy of A-1 Pictures and Funimation.

Credit for Models Used:

-Sora, Riku, and Terra (Casual forms): 
KHStyler-chan and MadameMidnightRose

-Kairi and Xion (Autumn forms): 

-Roxas and Namine (New forms): 
WorthlessVVonder and VirtuousNamine

-The Usual Spot (Main Stage): Zido

Sincere apologies to the creators of the instruments. Am working to track you down individually to pay credit where credit is due. ;)
KH Pairings - Love at Summer's End by rev-rizeup
KH Pairings - Love at Summer's End
Alas my friends, that time has unfortunately come... summer has reached it's end. Even out here where I reside, it's definitely a day dreaded by most, as the rain is set to return full-blast once more. :S

But this summer has definitely left some great memories to look back on, and is a summer full of firsts as well. And of course, one thing that will be missed, is the chance to dive into the pool to cool off on a hot day. To capture a bit of the memories of the fun the summer had provided, I decided to create a commemorative pic that I think captures the fact that for some of our favorite KH pairings, no matter if the season is ending, love between our favorite characters will never fade. :)

And so, without further ado, let's look back on a summer full of fun in this piece I call, "Love at Summer's End." Forgive me of the lack of originality in the title, as I'm still trying to get back into the swing of doing more 3D pieces on a regular basis. X)

Enjoy! Comment on what you think, as this took a bit more in-depth editing to remove the polygonal look of each model.

Note: I do not own Kingdom Hearts in any way, shape or form. Kingdom Hearts is a Tetsuya Nomura production, and appears on behalf of Square-Enix and Disney. 
MMDAI2 (MMD for Mac) Main Program by rev-rizeup
MMDAI2 (MMD for Mac) Main Program
For all Mac users wanting to step into the world of MMD artwork, here's your big chance! Download MMDAI2 via the above ZIP file... :)

Happy designing!
Part 3

Nightfall loomed over the grounds of Kadic Academy, which meant only one thing, Night-Watcher Jim was on patrol to make sure no one was out of bed late at night. Odd couldn’t help but feel slightly panicked if he and Sissi got caught outside by the bumbling gym teacher.

“Hey relax Romeo,” said Ulrich as he texted Yumi on his phone. “We’ve given Jim the slip before, so this time will be no different.”

“Yeah, but this time it’s different,” he replied back slipping on his sweatshirt. “If Jim catches us both out there, not only is he gonna have a shouting fit, but then everyone is gonna hear it, and before you know it, it’s gonna be a bigger scene than when we’re fighting on Lyoko.”

Putting his phone down, Ulrich placed his hand on Odd’s shoulder and said, “Look, Jeremie and I will keep watch of things. If things get bad, we’ll distract Jim so you both can talk.”

“Really?” Odd said a bit more reassured. “You know Ulrich, you guys are the best friends a guy like me could have.”

Not wanting Odd to get all sappy over him, Ulrich reminded his best friend that he needed to move quickly before Jim came back into the dorm. And with one swift movement, the purple-haired teen ran off to meet up with his newfound vision of beauty.

As she placed her hair clip onto her long black hair, Sissi knew she was taking a risk. With Jim patrolling the area, she would have to tread softly and make sure not to make any noise, or she would have a one-way ticket to her father’s office.

“There, that ought to do it!” she said feeling confident about how she looked for the evening ahead. “Hopefully it’s not too much. After all, I don’t want Odd getting the idea that more is gonna happen tonight.”

But as she prepared to leave her room, the girl heard a knock at her door. As if it were right on cue, Sissi could guess who was likely at the door.

Much to her un-surprise, Herve and Nicolas stopped by and asked what she was up to, but became even more confused as to why she was dressed so nice.

“What’s the deal Sissi?” asked Herve. “Where are you going tonight?”

“That’s none of your business you dorks,” she replied in her usual harsh tone. “But I’ll give you a little clue, it happens to involve my mystery guy I was talking to online.”

Looking at each other, Nicolas and Herve asked simultaneously, “What? You’re meeting him? Where?”

Laughing at both of them, Sissi walked out her door and said, “Yeah, like I’d tell you both. Later losers!”

At last, Odd finally arrived at the bench just outside the main office building. Looking back up at the moonlight hovering overhead, the boy suddenly started to have a slight panic attack, wondering what may happen when he told Sissi how he felt. Would she return his feelings, or simply laugh at him and walk off?

But before he could dwell on the thought, footsteps could be heard coming from behind him, and the boy quickly swerved around, noticing that they were coming from none other than his cyber-Juliet.

“Odd?” she said surprised. “What are you doing out here right now?”

Noticing that she didn’t quickly acknowledge that it was him on their chat, Odd kept his cool and said, “Could ask you the same question.”

“Well,” she continued. “If you must know, I’m meeting someone here.”

“No kidding,” he said. “Looks like I’m not the only one doing the same thing.”

Looking at him as if he had no clue it was her this whole time, Sissi asked who he was meeting.

But rather than simply brush off her question, Odd said, “Well, as it turns out, she’s a girl I’ve been having an online chat with for about a few days now. We’ve been talking back and forth and I found out that she happens to be a student here too. So, I thought it would be cool if we got together and finally met.”

“Hmm, is that so?” she asked rhetorically. “Well, if I may ask, what’s she like?”

“She’s…” he began again. “She’s surprising; that’s the best way I can describe her. She actually enjoys a good mix of electronic and dance music like I do, and she likes poetry. Not like regular poems, but those more mushy kind of pieces. The funny thing is, she said not many people know about this side of her. And…”

Hearing him pause, Sissi asked him to continue.

“And…” he repeated. “In some ways, she reminds me much of me when I’m not around my friends. I may joke around and try to act cool, especially with the girls. But truth be told, sometimes I just want to take a break from that, and just spend time with someone who I can just be myself around… you know?”

Surprised by his words, Sissi regained her composure as he asked, “So, who are you meeting tonight?”

“Well,” she began. “You’ll find it funny. I’m also meeting someone who I had an online chat with too.”

Tilting his head to the side, he asked, “Really? That is funny. So what’s this mystery guy like?”

“Ironically, he also goes to Kadic too,” she continued. “He and I are actually in the same grade, and have Mrs. Hertz’s science class at the same time. From what we’ve talked about, he’s admitted that he has a bit of a bad reputation with girls, but somehow that didn’t make me shy away from him. Once we got past that though, we kept talking for hours at a time. Sometimes it was about romantic poetry, or even how we like to play pranks on people we know just for a laugh.”

“Hmm, sounds like he’s a bit of a class clown,” Odd said holding his hand behind his head.

Looking back at him, Sissi said, “Even funnier than that, he even knows Ulrich and Yumi, and apparently he and I enjoy watching those two practically stutter around each other.

“But honestly,” she continued shifting her tone. “We both confessed that maybe our laughing at their moments, was covering up the fact that... well... we wish we could both have that kind of a moment.”

“Really?” he asked trying not to start smiling in a serious moment. “You want to feel like you can’t talk around this guy?”

Thinking about his statement, Sissi replied, “Well, yeah. I mean, isn’t that how it always is? You start falling for a guy, and then once you get to know him, you realize you get nervous as can be around him, but that’s because you’re so scared you’ll say the wrong thing?”

“And then the next thing you know,” said Odd continuing her thought looking the opposite direction, “your heart feels like it’s leaping out of your chest, and you just want to go up to them and tell them… how you’ve fallen for them?”

Suddenly, the mood began to intensify, as Sissi began to walk towards Odd, while the boy followed suit. Both began to start feeling that exact heart-pounding moment Odd just now mentioned.

“And maybe,” she said continuing where Odd left off. “Just maybe, you tell them that you feel the same way too, and after all that time, you both realize you were meant for each other.”

Looking up, Odd noticed the bright glow of the moon shining from the brown eyes of his raven-haired beauty and could only utter one word, “Really?”

“Really…” answered Sissi.

Finally, without any second guessing, Odd placed his hand to Sissi’s smooth cheek and raised himself up on his toes to meet the soft tender lips of the girl who he thought he would hate forever. Not wanting him to use up so much strength to try and reach her height, Sissi met Odd halfway and gently placed her lips to his with the same amount of passion.

And with an explosion of ecstasy, the two cyber-lovebirds shared a deep and profound kiss that no amount of online dialogue could ever produce. It was at this point, that the two now realized their hatred towards each other was not real at all, but that this very moment - the feeling of holding each other close, caressing each others lips with their own, the sound of each other’s heartbeats in tune with their own - was the real deal.

As much as they wanted their make out session to continue forever, both teens’ lungs cried out for air, and the two separated to catch their breath.

Sitting back on the bench once more, Odd wrapped one of his arms around his tall and stylish angel with care. Using his free arm, the blonde boy then held Sissi’s hand in his and said, “I love you Sissi.”

Gripping his hand firmly, Sissi leaned her head against his own and replied, “I love you too Odd.”

“You know,” said Odd. “I had almost thought that we would always be enemies and would never get along. But you know what?”

“What?” she answered.

Smiling at her, the blonde Lyoko Warrior said, “I’d rather love my enemy, then try to get along without her.”

Sissi felt as though her heart skipped a beat once more at how touching Odd’s words were. But alas, old habits died hard as the girl uttered, “You know that was absolutely cheesy right?”

“Yep,” he said leaning up to her once more to give her another deep kiss. “And I’ll bet you liked it huh?”

“As long as you meant it,” she said in between their kiss.

“With all my heart,” he replied, as the two started up another long makeout session under the moonlit sky of Kadic Academy.

Suddenly, both the lovebirds noticed a light shining from Ulrich and Odd’s dorm room, which appeared to be coming from Ulrich, hinting to them that Jim was nearby and that they needed to get back to the dorm.

“Crud,” said Odd feeling disappointed at the timing. “Jim’s coming. We’d better get going.”

Reluctant to move, Sissi ultimately agreed and the two quickly made their way back to their dorm rooms with Odd walking her back to her room.

As she turned the key to her room, Sissi leaned down once more to place a goodnight kiss to the lips of her new boyfriend and said, “Good night my svelte Prince.”

“Hey, you actually called me svelte!” he said rather excited.

“Yeah well…” she replied. “It’s like you said, 'Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,’

Feeling his heart skip a beat too, Odd then gave his girlfriend her own goodnight kiss and said, “Good night my beautiful Princess.”

And with that, Sissi closed her dorm room door, and Odd quickly snuck back to his dorm room, only to find Ulrich now fast asleep.

As they lay back in bed listening to their music, the two former enemies of each other couldn’t believe that any of what happened, actually did happen. But in the end, everything came full circle as one of their favorite songs by Daft Punk came on their MP3 players that the two allowed to lull them off to sleep. A song that captured this entire experience, in just two simple words… “Digital Love.”
Odd x Sissi - Digital Love (Part 3)
Boy has it been one crazy ride these last few months. With the craziness at work picking up, as well as the Timbers set to take the playoffs stage, or even finally getting ready to move into my new apartment, life is once again at it full-swing. That having been said though, am definitely glad to get back to doing something I enjoy a lot... fanfic writing.

However, in a slightly different twist, I decided to dive into writing a short three-part story revolving around a particular ship from Code Lyoko that was never developed (more likely due to distaste for the two having any form of relationship at all)... Odd and Sissi. As many recall in the episode "Dejâ-Vü" Odd spends his time chatting online with a girl who just so happens to attend Kadic Academy like him. However, unbeknownst to him, the girl on the other end turns out to be none other than Sissi, which leads to Odd being shocked at seeing a different side to the principal's daughter. 

For this story, I decided to play on the aftermath of what happened once Odd discovered this little secret. While Odd contemplates whether or not he truly feels something for Sissi, the enemy of our heroes decides to try and figure out who her mystery guy is. With shocking revelations and fluff-stuffed moments, I think you'll enjoy this story. :)

And so, without further ado, let's see how things result in the end for these two digital lovebirds as we conclude with Part 3 .

Enjoy! Comment on what you think, as I hope to return back to fanfic writing again, and am seeking motivation to put together the closing chapters of Never Too Young.

Note: I do not own Code Lyoko, nor any of it's characters, settings, or stories. Code Lyoko appears courtesy of Moonscoop Productions and Taffy Entertainment.

DeviantART troll on the loose...

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 1, 2014, 7:30 PM

There's a hacker going around on deviantART who posts pornographic material on your gallery or on your page, including a male's family jewels that is, if he/she hacks your account. If he/she finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know you know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account from being hacked.

If you want more details, here's a link of someone's journal below for more details:…

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